Our essential Walking tour

finland railway station
That's where it all has started. Lenin arrived here, when the city was ready for revolution.
big house of nkvd
The headquarters of NKVD and notorious political prison.
marsovo field
Former beloved place of Emperor Pavel I was turned into victims of revolution mass grave.
Aurora Cruiser
Artillery strikes from this cruiser forced leader of Provisional Government, Kerensky, to flee his headquarters.
other unique walking tours
we carefully choose the most important and interesting places to visit.
lenin's places
10 km, approx. 4 hours.
Petrograd was the heart of revolution. Lenin himself sparked the revolutionary masses here, while living and working in different places.
communist architecture
10 km + more on demand. approx 3 hours.
find the hidden gems of socialist classicism in our city. don't forget to grab your camera!
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