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1. did you book a transfer?
Our tours usually start at the first sight on the route. We send you the address after we recieve a reservation.
transfer from your hotel to the first point on the route is not included in the price of both walking and driving tour.
it is included in the price of exclusive tour.
if you want to book a transfer - contact us!
2. museum tickets
we specialize only on city tours. we believe, that museum guides do know their exibitions better than we do.
so usually we do not visit museums, although we have plenty of them available along our routes.
we can organize a visit to a museum and book an excursion for you (or translate, if there is no english-speaking guide available), in case you are interested.
we will always send you the list of museums available on the day of our tour. you may choose some and we will adapt our tour to suit your needs.
in case you want to visit a museum, we can also organize tickets for you.
3. What is included in the tour?
Walking tour includes:
1. english-speaking guide
2. museum assistance
3. Souvenirs
4. guide will also have some umbrellas, in case of rainy weather

Driving tour includes:
1. english-speaking guide
2. water/beverages and snacks
3. comfortable car

Exclusive tours includes all of the above and:
1. unique route
2. transfers from hotel and back
3. restaurant recommendations along the route (you can choose whatever you like)
4. hot coffee and tee
4. umbrellas
5. souvenirs
6. city maps
7. Museum assistance
4. prices?
Our starting prices are listed on prices+reservation page.
prices are different depending on demand and low-high season.
we send you the actual prices after recieving your request.
transfer prices depend on where your hotel is located.
5. other languages?
every tour is guided by an english-speaking guide.
WE can offer you german, spanish-, italian-, finnish-, chinese-speaking guides (and other languages too) for an additional fee.
if you plan to book a tour on non-english language, please check availability with us prior to making a reservation!
6. your responsibilities?
Please inform us in advance if there are special needs that we should be aware of. we will do our best to accommodate you.
tour is conducted under any weather conditions (Bring your own umbrella if needed). Tipping is 15% on average and is at your own discretion and is not included in the price. Meals are not included and breaks do not extend the length of the tour.

6. Our responsibilities?
guide is at the meeting point 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your tour.
we do not wait more than 15 minutes without any notification. In case you are late, please contact us using provided e-mail or phone number. late start affects standard tour duration.
we do not have any arrangements with cafes and museums along the route. All of our recommendations are genuine and personal.

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