some other excursions are:
Essential tour
main communist places in the city - aurora cruiser, lenin's apartment, finland railway station, Kschessinska mansion.
20 km / 3 hours
socialist architecture
best examples of soviet bulding styles all around the city.
30 km / 3 hours
example of our unique driving tour
LEnin's places - 90 km and 5 hours of Soviet experience!
Finland railway station
Lenin arrived here in 1917 with his revolutionary comrades. He starts working on sparking a new revolution.
Lenin's apartments
He had no place to live, so he moved to his relative's flat. Today there is a museum.
Aurora Cruiser & Petropavlovskaya Fortress
The battleship and fortress were held by Bolsheviks. Threats of unleashing their artillery forced the inhabitants of Winter Palace to flee.
Shalash of lenin
He went into hiding in the woods nearby the city of Sestroretsk. Today there is a museum and Lenin's wooden hovel is reconstructed every year.
And a lot of other tours!
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